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Following the money for climate action

The federal government has committed significant public funds to cut emissions, but can be more transparent about where the money is spent.

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Getting public transit back on the road to net zero

May 18, 2023

To avoid a “transit death spiral” all orders of government must work together to build reliable, affordable, zero-emitting public transportation.

How the investment numbers stack up for major clean growth projects

May 11, 2023

Canada has shown progress attracting investment, but will need to quicken the pace to meet its goals.

Canada and the U.S. are more alike on electricity policy than you think

May 4, 2023

Proposed regulations south of the border will bring Canada and the U.S. into even greater alignment on climate action.

Energy efficiency: the unsung hero in Canada’s fight against climate change

April 27, 2023

Energy efficiency gets less attention, but can drive major emissions reductions and cut costs for Canadians.


Early Estimates of National Emissions

Corporate Climate Commitment Tracker