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What are oil and gas companies in Canada doing to reduce emissions?

While the oil and gas sector has made commitments and investments to cut emissions, much more work is needed.

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The cap on oil and gas emissions is doable, but time is scarce

November 27, 2023

Any further delay in setting the cap or deploying solutions to meet it puts Canada’s climate goals further out of reach

How hot are heat pumps, really?

November 22, 2023

Heat pumps are growing in popularity, but more needs to be done to meet Canada’s 2030 climate goals.

What the world’s changing energy system means for Canada

November 2, 2023

The energy transition is accelerating and consumers in countries like Canada will save money.

Reducing emissions from Canada’s banking sector requires better data

October 26, 2023

Without better emissions data, Canada’s banks face challenges living up to their net zero commitments.


Early Estimates of National Emissions

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