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What We Do

To avert catastrophic climate change, this decade is crucial for bending the curve on greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating the global energy transition. Governments, companies, and people around the world are working to achieve these goals. 

Canada has committed to cut its greenhouse gas emissions to a maximum of 440 megatonnes in 2030—40 per cent below 2005 levels—and has set a longer-term goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

Targets have been set. Plans have been made. Policies are being introduced. And through exclusive data and expert insight, 440 Megatonnes is tracking how those targets, plans, and policies are driving Canada’s climate policy progress.

Who We Are

440 Megatonnes is a project of the Canadian Climate Institute, Canada’s leading climate policy research organization. This work is made possible through support from Ivey Foundation, Scotiabank, Loblaw Companies Limited, and the Trottier Family Foundation.

440 Megatonnes is a collaborative project, with many of our resources developed in partnership with leading researchers and organizations across Canada, including Navius Research Inc, Seton Stiebert, Brad Griffin, Jennifer Winter, Alaz Munzur, and William Scott.

Media contact:
Catharine Tunnacliffe, Director of Communications.
(226) 212-9883